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Home of the Gem City Chorus

Are you ready to be a part of something truly extraordinary?

Gem City Chorus, Dayton’s premier women’s show chorus, invites you to join a vibrant family of women from all walks of life. We are brought together by our love of a cappella singing, with a special focus on the timeless tradition of barbershop harmony.

Upcoming Events

Experience the thrill of live performances. Gem City Chorus has a calendar full of exciting events that you won’t want to miss. From our annual shows to Christmas caroling in the heart of downtown Dayton, we’re dedicated to filling the city with the beauty of our voices. You might have even heard us sing the National Anthem at Dayton Dragon’s games and other sporting events, where we proudly represent our beautiful city.

Join the Gem City Chorus

We’re on the lookout for new, enthusiastic voices to join our dynamic ensemble. No matter your age, occupation, or background, if you’re passionate about music and singing, you’ll find your place in our harmonious family. Gem City Chorus offers a warm, supportive environment where you can explore your musical talents and form lifelong friendships. If you’re ready to take the stage and share your voice, this is the perfect place for you.

Book Us for Your Special Occasion

Looking to add a special touch to your event? Gem City Chorus is available for bookings. Whether it’s a corporate function, a community gathering, or a private celebration, let our voices create an unforgettable experience at your next event.