If you decide after a few visits that joining Gem City Chorus is something you would like to do, we can arrange an audition. Before that, however, you may wish to do what is called a "pre-audition". This involves singing one of our songs into a recording device while the chorus is singing along in the background. You will then send that recording to the section leader of your assigned voice part, who will give you feedback on your recording.

Then, when you feel you are ready, you may proceed to your official audition. For this you will sing your chosen song with other voice parts in a quartet situation, privately, to ensure that you can hold your part when others are singing theirs.

Rest assured that we are highly supportive and encouraging during this process, which can be done as you feel ready. We are dedicated to helping you succeed at this wonderful hobby of ours, and to allow you to experience the thrill of singing together in close four-part harmony!